bookmein.online - Online Booking System

Bookmein.online was founded with the goal of making sure every business can have access to a great looking, yet functional website, and a slick online booking experience. We think this should be possible no matter how big your venue is – whether you serve 100, 1,000, or even 100,000’s of customers every week.

Our team is formed of a mix of tech professionals and leisure & hospitality operators, which allows us to understand the challenges you face while operating your venues, and the best way to leverage technology to help overcome them.

We work with some carefully chosen partners to make sure the Bookmein.online experience can be as good as possible while remaining accessible to any business.

We use technology from Meriq – the reservation management experts – to power our booking platform. Banked.com supply us with advanced rail free payment processing technology, and Stripe with a fallback ‘classic’ payment option.

We seamlessly connect all the different elements together to provide you with the tools to grow your business.

  • Become more accessible to customers.
  • Eliminate no shows.
  • Maximise profitability with intelligent reservation management.
  • Get paid instantly.

Perfect to help you manage the challenges of re-opening

Bookmein.online is the best choice of system to help you manage the impact of Covid-19 reopening requirements – ensure social distancing is maintained, while maximising your capacity.

  • Allows overall capacity to be managed by set rules, which can be changed as the current guidelines evolve.
  • Build in time before and after reservations to allow for cleaning and sanitisation.
  • Use system logic to maintain an unused resource social distancing ‘buffer’ between each group – without being restricted to maximum group sizes, or constantly using the same resources.
  • Change available resources on the fly to allow for breakdowns or planned maintenance.
  • Can be used for online bookings, in house booking received over phone or email and walk-ins, to ensure availability information is live and correct at all times.
  • Use a tablet to manage queues outside the building to book in walk-in customers as they wait in line, and process pre-booked customers so they avoid waiting.
  • The Bookmein.online reservation sheet runs in any web browser, so is compatible with almost any device.


If you are interested, please drop us an email and we’ll get straight back to you.